Supplier sourcing for our clients

Technical, sales support TurinIf you need to find new suppliers for the different stages of your projects, we can study the features of the most suitable suppliers and we can search for the most suitable profiles, according to your wants and needs. Further parameters are analyzed in addition to the suppliers competitiveness, such as their financial stability, timing, quality and proven reliability.

Following the identification of the most suitable supplier and your approval, Bigthree supports you throughout the supplying process. We check the on-time delivery of the requested product and become the sole interface between you and your supplier.

These services result in time optimization and business cost reduction, saving the company time and money, which can be spent improving production effectiveness and further development.

Bigthree offers our representation and consulting services to small, medium-sized and large companies in the automotive component sector, i.e. cars, motorcycles, light and heavy commercial vehicles, as well as, among others, earth-moving and agricultural equipment.

We specialize in consulting and promoting the sales of automotive components made of various materials such as steel (stainless, carbon, alloyed steel), aluminum, cast iron, nonferrous metals, plastics, titanium.

Bigthree is the best choice for your representation/consulting needs for many reasons:

  • Many years’ experience in the automotive component sector
  • In-depth knowledge of the sales and marketing sectors
  • Proven technical experience
  • Level of assistance provided according to your wants and needs, from consulting to full representation interface
  • Proficiency in creating and developing your sales office
  • Proximity to FCA – EMEA production facilities and the technical and purchase offices of Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia and Maserati.